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08/30/22, 17:06

everyones gone off to school, and im still stuck at home. my closest friends have moved the farthest, and ill soon be across the country. lately, i have found that i want to be held. i want someone to hold me, to feel their warmth against mine, to feel their skin and bone. i've been listening more to a song a boy used to sing to me. i love the song, and when i listen to it, i get the most bittersweet and nostalgic feeling. its like i hear it, and i feel comforted, but i also feel my heart tighten up,  the feeling of crying wells up in my brain, and i want to curl up into a ball. sometimes, when i listen to the song, i can hear his voice going along with it. his voice was always deep and smooth, never breaking, and you could hear it when he smiled. i miss him.

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