[Rant] Sex Repulsion

I describe myself as a 99% sex repulsed demisexual. I dislike seeing sexual content that I did not consent to seeing. Twitter is a fucking minefield in this regard, considering how they try to push stranger's content into your feed. I swear about 60% of Twitter accounts are pushing their OF content.

No shame on them, hell, I did OF for a while. It's not easy in the slightest.Β 

But like, I wish there were easier way to filter things out. I don't wanna see sexual content, even if it's just lingerie shots. It makes me uncomfortable.

I don't want these accounts to stop posting, like get your bag, y'all. But muting/blocking accounts kinda sucks because I've still been exposed to the content I didn't want to see. Don't get me started on the fact that social media sites seem to like shoving the "likes" of people you follow in your feed as well. Who even asked for the feature? *gag*

I kind of hate being sex repulsed. It makes being online harder.

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What's OF?
.....oh. Only Fans....? You did Only Fans?
I have a belly button.
That is all.

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Yes I did! It was so much harder than I initially expected. :') I don't think I'd ever do it again. Congrats on the belly button lol. X]

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I feel this!! I am not even sex-repulsed, but seeing everything be so constantly over sexualized with no warning is just.... eugh. i downloaded an anime-style game recently and now every ad i get on twitter is for an anime sex game !!! it's like... stop !! pls !! i'm not the master of a maid harem im at work lmao!

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LMAO RIGHT. It's almost exhausting?? Constantly having to filter things out or mute/block accounts. ;__;

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mimbo nerd

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on fediverse (Mastodon et al) there is a practice of CWing everything (even eye contact in photos), at least in the bubble of (most) people that CW posts

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Mind if I ask what CW is? I know i'm being silly!

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Content Warning, sorry

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