I can't wait to get paidddd, I mean I rlly want buy college stuff, makeup, skincare, new clothes, some new tech and I want to see another movie. I'm also gonna get some sort of supplement or whatever for my terrible anxiety. Like today I was literally contemplating on quitting my job even though ive only worked there for a month. I mean I'm not sure how long I'm planning on staying but even if it wasn't my ideal part-time job (I wanted to work at lush but there's no vacancies yet 😭) I'm going to try and stick at it, I mean after all I am getting a good pay for it. I know work's not supposed to be amazingggg but I want at least feel like I'm supposed to be there and with lush I feel like I'd fit right in. Whatever I'm gonna stick at this not matter how mediocre the days are, I'm just gonna wait it out. I'm hoping by September-October, ive gotten used to everything at least until lush contacts me about any open vacancies. I'm honestly looking forward to getting paid. Like I want, I need that bag. Seriously whoever said money can't bring you happiness is so wrong bc the thought of getting paid is taking all the anxiety away. I think it sucks rn bc I still lack familiarity. There's still stuff I don't know, there's a lot you need to know about shoes and that's daunting asf. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm open to learn about new things but holy shit there is so much to know it's acc insane. Also as a side not I can't fucking wait until autumn starts. I love autumn. I like summer too but I feel like I'm melting and honesty I love the mysterious vibes of autumn. OMGGG im 18 soon how cool and OMGGGG its gonna be xmas in like almost 4 months. WTF. I guess it's easy to feel like an idiot at work. I honestly feel like its the whole anxiety. Like I said, I can't wait to get paid. Also I think I'm having a pizza and movie night tonight (that's if my sister can stick to her word) but I'm excited for that. God I love looking forward to things its amazing.

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