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An update of my life

It's been a few months since I have written on here. I don't really know if anyone cares or not but I'd like to catch ya'll up on the events that have occurred. I no longer have a job do to some unfair treatment that happened, I was fired for complaining to a manager about a coworker that made me uncomfortable, they took her side. After that I called the supervisor and explained to her what had happened which is exactly what I'm gonna write below. 

"*crying* h-h-hello (managers name) this is Nao, I was just calling you because there has been some issues lately with (coworkers name) I can no longer be around them without having an anxiety attack and she has recently done some mean stuff, I feel as though she has changed since becoming a team leader. she recently clocked me out without my permission while I was still working and she told me to tone it down with my attitude very rudely even though I didn't have one, If she continues I might just put in my two weeks"

he then proceeded to say "well she isn't working rn" "just go home today is your last day you don't need to come back"

keep in mind I was still crying while I was telling him all of it so it may have not come out as clear as I'd like but even then I know he only took her side because of favoritism, I say this because before she started working there he used to always praise how good of a worker I was and how polite I was but then switched up when he called my other manager ( he didn't know I was still in the office with the other manager ) "oh yeah she has been really rude and has had a attitude lately just let her go home" 

I was upset but oh well. It's not only negative things that have happened though, after all of that most of the workers/staff quit/ got fired for taking my side. I also made a new skateboarding buddy and I've been with my bf for 2 months :) I am currently getting a new job as well:))))!!!!!

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