Moral Orel...(08/08/2022)

  I wanted to talk about this as well, because when I tell you this changed my life, I'm not fcking around. So, I saw this show on some guys video about adult swim and I was like wow. That's interesting. So I decided, since I have HBO, to check it out. I love adult swim a lot, since I grew up watching it (although I probably shouldn't have...). if you don't know anything of it, read below:

  Anyway, it's about an 11-12 yr old kid and he just LOVES God and Jesus and listens to everything his parents say and stuff like that. Then he starts to question things, as all children do, especially at that age, and his dad gives him the worst advice. He ends up taking this advice, doing horrific things, taking it the wrong way, then gets in trouble. His dad then lectures him about what he did, proceeds to give him more horrible advice, and he doesn't really question it, because his dad brings God and Jesus into it. And as I stated, this kid loves god, lol. {TL;DR Worst dad in the universe gives kid awful advice}

  Now when I first started watching this, I knew it was gonna get fcked up. I knew it was chaos, pure insanity. It was weird, but it was MY kind of weird. When you watch it, and you get to S1 E2, thats when you know its gonna be weird. But I kept watching. Because, it had been hyped up as the most insane adult swim show or whatever, I wanted to see all the screwed up bits. 

The end of season one marks the shift. You start coming out of the character set up, and start getting into why these people are the way they are. Why they do these things. Each evil part of them comes out. More and more grotesquely fcked up things happen, but you keep watching. What happens next? As you start to see more and more of these characters-even the background characters get fleshed out a little bit-you start to come up with theories, and that's the interesting part. And one after the other, another screwed up event happens in their town of Moralton, and you're like could this get any worse? oh yes, it gets worse.

The end of season two, marking another shift in this shows history. this is the last one we see, sadly because adult swim canceled it due to it being "too depressing". Yeah, it depressed me, but it also gave me things to think about. It's depressing because it makes you think. After this shift, time starts going backwards. It shows the past, before Orel was even brought into existence, and sometimes the present where it seems to be as it used to be. The darkness of the show comes as Orel loses his innocence, or his happy outlook on life. He begins to understand he can't trust his parents, among other things. You get even deeper into these dark characters, and you see changes in them. It's far different than season one.

  After all of this, you come to Beforel Orel: Trust.
This shows Orel when he was 4 years old. It also shows Orel takes things too literally from a young age, which most kids do. People have said he is probably autistic. As someone who is autistic, yes. As a kid I would take things too literally. That's why this hits so close to home, by the time he turns 12 he starts questioning things for real and not taking them at face value. That's how it was for me. 

This is a very realistic show, and if you're into things like that, I recommend watching it. Be careful though, it can be very graphic sometimes and horrific.

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moral orel is such a good show i love it

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