METAL !!!!!! (08/08/2022)

  I've been getting into more metal recently. My favorite is Brutal Truth, which I liked before now, but my new favorite is Impaled. Their melodies are good. All the guitar parts. I got back in to Terrorizer, and a song I really like now is Open The Abscess by Exhumed. I downloaded a bunch of the music to put on my flipphone. School is starting soon, and I wanted new music on my phone so I wasn't listening to the same exact stuff as last year. This is my last year od school...oh god. I bet school will be cancelled due to some new disease..cough cough "MP"cough..But whatever. I've gotten better at drums. Metal music is pretty easy to play although I need a double kick or whatever it's called. I also got a new cord..well, not new, it was laying around. But a cord to replace my broken one for my pedal. I love distorted guitar so much. It's so fun.

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