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Hi :)

I'm fairly new to coding, and this is the stuff I've used to help me :)

this is a 25  minute tutorial on basic profile customization:
this is from 2021 and some things have changed since then, but overall this is a pretty good tutorial.

This is a blog detailing overall profile customization with labels and such:

This is a code for how you can change the "online now" icon:
I would like to add to this blog aswell. if you don't want to add a gif and instead want it to be a png and to have the same animation as the original icon, you can write this instead:

.online { 
visibility: visible;
.online img {
 content: url(INSERT URL); 
 animation-name: blink;
 animation-iteration-count: infinite;
 animation-timing-function: cubic-bezier(1.0,0,0,1.0);
 animation-duration: 2s;
 visibility: visible; height: 43px; width: 90px; 
you can change the height and width as needed :)

If you have anything you might wanna add like other resources, tips or any other feedback feel free to comment :3
If you found this helpful leave a comment aswell!<3 
thank you for reading <3

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