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changing your "online now" icon!

hi!!!! as i figure things out i wanna help others as a way to kinda give back to all the people who helped me customize my acc. this is a template to change your "online now" icon into any gif. just put the url of your chosen gif between the quotation marks in the parentheses after url! :) and don't be afraid to mess with the height and width if it looks stretched out or squished.

<style>.online { visibility: hidden; } .online img { content: url(""); animation-name: none; visibility: visible; height: 43px; width: 90px; }</style>

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For anyone who wants the gif to be *next* to the online text, put the width and height at 40x40. It might not work for everyone, but it worked for me! Happy coding & customizing!

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Thanks so much for this!

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vreni, regarding your problem i can confidently say i have no clue why, im so sorry!! have you tried putting it seperately, away from the template code? i started coding my page after i was suggested/saw their post so I have no experience with it. i do know this code didn't work with that RW Designer cursors website people have been using. For the life of me I couldn't get that to work! the website i used for mine was, which i belive gives u this code under every cursor! i hope this helped, wishing u luck :)

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sorry if this is a dumb questions i'm using the stylesheet from meh!! and it doesnt seem to be working with your code. any thoughts? Thanks for sharing this neways!

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omg! thank you for this :)

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