🗻 the worst thing i ever dreamed of.

i always wondered why we hold so much to the idea of having a legacy after we die.

once, i dreamed i killed myself, i didn’t remembered how i did it, i went to my funeral alongside my family, they were devastated, they were in so much pain and all i could do was scream and watch , they didn’t seemed to notice me, in the dream i kept thinking that i didn’t mean to, i did not remembered how or why it happened . to this day i consider this dream as a punishment for me behavior. as the funeral went by, i explored the city, and saw how little did my demise mattered, my death meant nothing.

i realized that dying meant you getting turn into a name graved in a gravestone, laughs and thoughts turned only to a bundle of words in which people occasionally will recall only to check by and wonder about you, and who you were, and who you will never be, as well be remembered by some photos that are meant to facade over the years.  

and then i realized how scary that can it be.

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