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Am I really going to spend actual human money on a typing game from 2001

I've been driving myself batty looking for some typing game I played in computer class as a kid for like, a year now. Searching for it was borderline impossible since I remembered almost nothing about it. :T
The music from the game's main screen is the clearest thing that stood out in my memory, but obviously I can't exactly look for that. Today, I searched for many variations of "old typing game" for perhaps the billionth time, and after tripping and falling into several unhelpful links and blurbs, I come across a lead:

A CD labelled "Type to Learn Jr! New Keys for Kids." The disc is red with a cinema/theater theme, and there is a cartoon rabbit and turtle on it.

I actually came across this image later. The first pictures of the CD and case that I found were plainer, less "exciting," with a blue color scheme instead of red. On the back of the blue case, it described one of the activities as taking place in a "Mega-Plex," and that sounded familiar...

So I run right to the Internet Archive and search. There are a few downloads for Type to Learn Jr on it. Huzzah!

...Except those are regular Type to Learn Jr downloads, not New Keys for Kids, which I only found out after spending an hour or so trying to get one of the downloads to work (it was just borked - the other download I tried worked just fine). They've got nothing available for New Keys for Kids. Gotta love it when the freaking Internet Archive comes up empty-handed.

I look up "new keys for kids" on Youtube, Google, Duckduckgo, and those searches are almost as fruitless. There wasn't a single playthrough of the game on Youtube. Someone has, apparently, uploaded every single cutscene from NKFK, but those didn't help me verify whether or not NKFK was the game I played, because I never actually saw any of the game's cutscenes - our teacher always told us to open the game and do one specific activity, and only that activity, for 45 minutes. :T
(Yes, I did perhaps have the worst computer classes of anybody in the world. We exclusively played typing games in my first school, and mostly just fiddled around on Word and PowerPoint at my second school.)

In a state of exhaustion and desperation, I look up "new keys for kids" on eBay, and to my relief delight, there are a handful copies, most of which are reasonably priced. That being said, though... Am I really going to do this? Am I really going to cough up real, genuine United States Dollars for a 21 year old typing game that might not even be the game I'm looking for?

Well... I don't have an answer yet! It's already past my "please for the love of god get off the computer and go to bed" time, so I've been typing this in a frenzy trying not to let it get much later (it got much later). It's way too dangerous of a decision for me to make at this hour, so tomorrow... Tomorrow I will think on it and decide. =_=

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Haha what do you mean it's almost been a week, I'm totally posting this the next day just like I said I would

Anyway! I've decided I will indeed purchase a copy of NKFK, just not right away. I've been a little reckless with my spending lately... and for some strange reason, something tells me that Type to Learn Jr: New Keys for Kids (2001) isn't exactly selling like hotcakes right now, so I'm not in a rush. :P

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