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Lets be friends ?!

What's up people, I've been lurking on spacehey for a while but just haven't made an account. 

Feel free to add me UNLESS:
-ur a current d!ce member/supporter [GTFO]
-ur uncomfy with me using slurs that I can reclaim
-ur name is c0rrey or a spelling variant of it [don't ask!]
-you've deluded urself into thinking you like deftones as much or more than me.
-you've deluded urself into  thinking that ur me. 
-ur trying to date me
-racist, transphobic, abelist, or an endo "system" or supporter

And that's about it! Feel free to find my carrd in my about me, it talks about everything that I like ^^ I promise im very friendly as long as ur not a retard listed above. <3

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