why the amiga RULES and AtariSTFan357 is WRONG

We all know that the Amiga rules, right? The Atari STupid, labelled. Resized to display on the Atari STWrong. Some stupid people wrongly say that the Atari ST is better. I will not stand for false slander like this. This is why the Atari ST is plastic gargbage that shouldn't be considered a good computer to use. I'll be comparing the Amiga 500 to the STupid 520, the same as AtariSTFan357 did.

First of all, Atari stole their O.S. It's just GEMS (which is based off of CP/M which ran on the Altair 8800) but with colour hacked in. It's inefficient, unoriginal and can run on basically anything. Meanwhile, Commodore were original and made their own OS built specifically for the Amiga. Because the OS was made for specific hardware, it can take full advantage of everything, so programs run better on Workbench than on TOS with less work, so they can focus on making better games instead of making it run fast enough!

Secondly, the ST 520 only has 512 colours. Compared to the Amiga 500's 4096 colours, this is pitiful. The highest resolution on the ST (which is monochome, might I add) is 640 x 400, whereas the highest on the Amiga (which can have colour thanks to HAM mode) is 640 x 512, which is way better.

Also, while the Atari ST does have a MIDI port built in, it doesn't support 31/2 inch floppy disks, only old, outdated 51/4 inch disks. These have less memory, so the games have to use more floppies or have to remove content, which means that the games are worse. Also, what use is a MIDI port if you need seperate equipment to get any decent sound out of it? The ST uses the same sound chip as the ZX Spectrum, which sounds about as good as a microwave beeping. The Amiga, however, has built in support for sampling, which means that you can have any sound you want, not just the instruments in standard MIDI.

Lastly, AtariSTFan357 was WRONG about the memory. He said that you can only expand the momory on an Amiga 500 to 2MB. This is only true for chip memory. Including fast RAM, the Amiga 500 can reach 138MB (with 128MB of that being really fast 32-bit RAM!!)

Hopefully you can see now that the Amiga is way better than the Atari STupid. Nobody cares about if the CPU is slightly faster, because the Amiga has better music, better visuals and a huge library of impressive games (i.e. Lemmings, Another World, The Secret of Monkey Island and many more) that make full use of this.

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