Art and Life

Okay, first of all, my art is ALWAYS posted on my Instagram

 @ xalien.shex

I wanted to make that clear, since I can't figure out how to post it on here. It's all dark art, traditional, with some digital in the middle for fun.

Okay, onto the life stuff...

 I met this guy, Ray, and I think I've talked about him on here before. I like him, not like, in love with him, but I like him. I may get with him, but I have only talked to him on txt and voice msgs. If I meet him IRL I will make my decision. Especially if we hang out a lot. We are friends for now.

 My ex and I have to go to the same school. I've told myself a million times, I will not let him get to me. But I might, by accident. I'm afraid. I have my teachers, but what if people think differently of me this year. This is my second year at this school. He threatened me on twitter. Which may be an empty threat because he knows I am scared, and thinks he can control me in this way. However, I am a very paranoid person. This will be Hell.

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