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Looking for an alternative scene

Any of y’all have advice on creating an alt scene? i think about that sort of thing often, and i know kind of fundamentally that in order to find people in the scene i need to actually reach out and talk around. i probably will soon too, i’m getting restless and want nothing more than to meet people at some shitty house show. i’ve been looking at old venues and man, i’m aching bad. i’m aching so bad, that if talking around doesn’t work i’ll try to get something going myself before i leave next summer. i can’t do much in terms of house shows and all that, but i want to try and bring together some high schoolers to start it before i’m gone. i don’t know if i’ll do this and i honestly dont think i’ll go far with it, but it’d be nice to have that sense of community before i go to college and hopefully find that sense anyway. i’m so amped to work for the radio station and meet my kind of people, but isn’t the point to live in the present and find your way now? who knows. it’s funny too, i’ve noticed that i have a very different manner of talking on this website than i do on my personal blog v my journal v my instagram v my texts with long-held friends (who live on the opposite side of the country! i have concluded that i do in fact miss San Diego). it’s just a funny sort of thing to me. back to it though, starting one here in my town in florida seems so hard... back in Temecula one‘s starting, but i’m not there anymore so all i can do is admire its beginnings from afar. this town did have a punk scene, but that’s kind of bogus because it was only one lonely punk band that didn’t get around much. at least they had each other, though. that smallness is honestly more than enough for me to want. this town doesn’t hold the same people as Temecula, though. back there in socal, being alt or at least interested in alternative junk is more or less the norm. here it’s absolutely not, and we’re all too spooked or comfortable online only to interact and form our unity. it’s also really difficult for us to get around... again, in Temecula, everything was almost walking distance or you had a loose enough circle that you could technically get a ride anywhere, but here everything is spread wicked far apart and there’s no hotspots for kids to go hang in. anyway, it’s just a big puddle of things to consider. 

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Wish i could find a scene here too.
Try craigslist?? Maybe see if ur area has a subreddit

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