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random facts abt me!

im bored and got this idea so here y'all go!

1: my favorite color is actually green and not pink, even though my hair and most of my belongings are pink (its easier to find pink things and pink goes better with my skin tone)

2: my favorite color combo is pink and yellow (yeah even tho pink is only my second favorite color)

3: i was raised on rock music! my dad was an old punk back in the 80s/90s so i was raised on that music

4: i am the captain of my highschool marching band's color guard, and this will be my fifth and final year in hs band!

5: not only am i not the first scene kid in my family, im not the first scene kid in my family to go to the school i currently attend!

6: that being said, most of my teachers were either classmates of or teachers of my cousin that went to my highschool (this was back in 2009-2011) so some of my teachers already knew me!

7: I've been dying my hair with actual hair dye since i was 13, but ive been coloring it with other methods (sharpies, highlighters, koolaid) since before i can remember

8: the oldest piece of clothing i currently own is a billy idol shirt from the 1980s that used to belong to my dad

9: ive always been a strange kid, one of the first book series' i remember reading to completion in elementary school is the School of Fear trilogy by Gitty Daneshvari, and in kindergarten i had the monster high theme song lyrics printed out and taped to my wall

10: my hair was naturally very light blond when i was born, but now its naturally a very dark brown

if you made it this far tell me a fun fact about yourself!

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fun fact: I literally have NO idea on what to do with my hair lol

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when in doubt bleach it out :3 (only if u want to obvi)

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