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summer blogging and news for me!

hi hi! Dio here! holy shit, has a lot of stuff happened! im glad I can talk about it, i so very do want to talk about it, and Im very much so going to share all about it! Do i sound excited??? thats because I am! life is finally fucking good rn, and Im gonna revel in the goodness while it lasts!

First off, Spacehey news! I hit it baby! i hit the big boy milestone! 1k, 1000 friends! FUCK YEAHHHHH!! i hit it over the weekend, but damn Im still so happy about it! Dude, ive met so fucking many people! especially recently since ive been really going out of my way to IM a lot of folks (you guys in my IMs who see this, yall fucking rule ;)) , ive felt a real sense of community here! I get to talk to people, meet folks from around the country and around the globe! its wild man, really wild. The sense of wild excitement when i saw that big number.... Ive interacted with *that* many people?! insane, wild, crazy! honestly spacehey has meant so much to me. Having this blog, where I can share my thoughts and feelings, its been almost as helpful as therapy has. so, im just gonna say, thank all of you for being here. for talking to me, for being my friend, for supporting me, for being good people. I love you all :)

secondly, romance news! yeah, yeah, i know i know i said it would be a while till i got any juicy interesting info for yall, but damn it appears that out of left field... Im dating now! god, it happened so fast haha. I was chatting with this amazing girl, i was really able to open up to her in such a short amount of time, and suddenly, she kinda let me know that she wanted to date. and shit, here we are. We've been dating for a couple of days, and its been such a pleasure. Ive missed dating so much, and some of the "perks" of dating yes, ive been able to have, but sharing that intimacy with someone is something that ive been missing. I want to adore someone! to unabashedly care and lust for them without abandon or guilt or awkwardness! and with dating, i get to have that, and i get to have reciprocation. I love dating, and I honestly like her so much. Shes interesting, cool, mysterious, funny, kind, and relaxed. A lot of things my ex wasnt, but in her own way she reminds me of my ex a bit too. Do i have a type? i dont know haha. shes a little nervous about this whole dating stuff like I am, its gonna be a bit of getting used to. But im so fucking happy for it. We are technically like, e-dating i think? its a long distance thing. We'll make it work tho. it works for me right now! and if it ever stops working, we will talk about it and figure it out, together. thats the shit that i want out of a relationship, comradery and complimentary connections. god, i love dating. 

More news! i got a therapist! fuck yes! hes this gay dude that my mom found through a program or something, and I have only had one session with him so far but he seems to be a good fit! hes laid back, understanding, accomodating and witty! he seems to be what im looking for, which is a great relief. Ive been to a couple other therapists since my last one, and none of them felt right. But he has the sort of vibe im looking for, which is great! im excited to see him in another session, its gonna be a couple weeks since he's busy, but i cant wait!

So, im having a little trouble with my best friend, ive talked about it a little on bulletins in the past but ill detail it here too. She's a good friend of mine, and im a bit worried about her. She's been standoffish and not as close as we used to be. Things arnt going ok for her, she's lost motivation and doesnt wanna talk about it. She refuses to communicate with me, and I see that she's sometimes miserable and I dont know how to help. Or, alternatively, i thought maybe she wanted to stop being friends, which is fine, but she insists that she wants things to stay the way they are between us. Its... confusing, but im doing my best to sort it out with her. Im planning on seeing her later this week to talk it out more in person, hopefully that works well.

Ive been doing this Summer camp councilor training course for the last week, and for this week! Its working with kids and other councilors in training to apply for a job to work with my city's recreation department! its honestly a dream job for me at this age, and I did the course last year too. Last year, the instructor really liked me and said id be a good fit for the job, so heres to hoping I get it when i apply this fall. I can start working for some of the programs this Winter, if I'm hired! the training course overall is tiring, but fulfilling. We get a lot of exposure to the different types of camps and different age ranges of kids. A great way to spend my time!

Oh, and I'm going up to Maine next week! Up to Acadia National Park! its going to be a fun get away with my family, and even tho ill miss having the luxury of my home im planning on sneaking up my laptop so I wont be completely away from society. Ill get to go hiking, kayaking, and biking! its gonna be a blast, we go almost every summer and I almost always have a great time. Someday, i plan on bringing some friends or a girlfriend up there, to show them the nature. And, theres a beautiful view of the night sky up there on a clear night, so wouldnt it be so romantic to look up and see the milky way cuddled next to someone? i think so hehe. 

thats all for today folks! take care of yourselves, have a great week! until next time :)


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