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A Girl's Younger Brother Isn't The Best Way To Get Her To Go Out With You

My little brother (7th grade) goes to a school in another state than we live in (not super far, just a day trip). One of the seniors at that school asked him to ask me out for him, a dude I've never even seen let alone met before. Obviously I said no, but holy frick man, he did NOT think that through.

I mean given that its an all boys school and all means he basically hasn't seen a teenage girl since he was like 12 but still, common sense man. Homie has only seen me from afar and has never spoken to me before, and I didn't even know he existed till my brother mentioned him and passed his message along to me in a phone call. We visit my brother's school in 2 days, what do I dooooooooo?

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prob not go out with the guy, like you said little brothers arent a good way of getting a date lolz

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this is from a year ago ^-^ we went out for a bit but we are currently just good friends

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aw well at least he was nice lol

by Renee; ; Report