ever since i got my beadz, i beem making alot of kandi!!!! well rn i only have 2 large cuffz, a smaller cuff, and two singletz but cmon i dont have enough money to get more beadz ok X/ i had made more but then i wanted to make teh rainbow cuff in the image and tore some of them apart so i had beadz to finish it, i kinda regret it but look at it!!!!! so pretty XP the two singletz say "wafflez" and "XD" if u couldnt see, might make a singlet that sayz "rawr" next if i have enought beadz
btw, itz not one big cuff, itz just 3 different cuffz that i squished together to make it look like it was pne hehe

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WOAAAh those look so cool!!

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