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Racism and Sexism in Valorant

So I'm a streamer. I play mostly Valorant and DBD but today while streaming this pick me girl told my friend shes "ass" cause she died? (Going 0/2/0 btw) Then she said "Are you Black you sound Black?" A for the rest of the day told me to "Go get em monkey!" And telling me im a gorilla and her bf started called me stereotypical Black names. And its just like... racists be sooooo bold behind a screen. It makes me hate gaming sometimes.

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It never fails does it literally last month I think. Someone called the black women from Buzz lightyear an ugly ass hoe on twitter. They went on a rant saying how they didn't know black people looked like that and kept using black people memes. So I called them out on it and got told, "They're public property just like you used to be."

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