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Oh my god what if I can use Escargot on Windows 95

Along with the not-as-ancient clients they have, Escargot offers clients for MSN 1.0 to 3.6...
But I'm not sure if it's feasible for them to run on actual retro systems. I don't know how different Escargot's code is from MSN's, and I wouldn't be surprised if Escargot was designed to run on modern machines. >.< The thought makes me really excited, though.

Tangentially, I have to wonder if there's any corner of the internet designated to people who use retro machines. Yes, "it has a name and that name is retrocomputing" - but if there are people designing websites specifically to be enjoyed on old machines, just because it's fun and they like it, I think I'd explode. Those are my people and I need to find them! >w<

FFffffff I always get too excited to find the right words when I talk about this stuff... I feel like a wild animal and someone's waving a fat steak in front of me :''D

Edit: I don't have an answer to this, but I've found out that you can, apparently, reactivate MSN on old devices through the Registry! Ahhh... ;w;

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Alveus Nosville

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I'd try Windows 2000
they look similarly but 95 and 98 run on top of DOS and 2000 runs on the NT base we still use today
They changed a fuckton in Win 7 as well so it may not work but I can also tell you that windows server versions will let you set the "classic" theme on them on the 2008 version which is based on win 7

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