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Hi I'm Rissa

Hi I'm Rissa! If you're reading this it means you get to make yourself at home in my own corner of the internet.

What do I say about myself? Well besides being kind, goofy with a gross sense of humor, passionate about human rights, and lifting each other up...I don't think of myself as a very interesting person.

I think my inner world that I've been developing for multiple years is much more interesting, so here and there I'll be babbling about it and sharing some stories I've written over the years. As well as life stories, like the time I rescued a newborn kitten off the floor.

I have issues, namely with trust, so I keep to myself most of the time. Anyway here you'll find babble about OCs, lore, worldbuilding, occasional writing drabble,

You're more than welcome to join in and/or DM me with any questions you may have!

I'm a disorganized mess, so I try to clear the air as often as I can to prevent misunderstandings. my ocs dont even have fully written profiles. I just goof off with scenarious most of the time. I hope you'll love them as much as I do, and favorites are okay to have LOL.

sometimes I'll discuss serious topics, either in general life tweeting, or in writing drabble. I can;t remember who needs what tagged, so please dont hesitate to reach out and tell me what should be tagged!

I'll post what I want here, but I still care about people's safety online.

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