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It has a name!

And that name is "retrocomputing!" :D

I guess I thought my slow descent into old computer madness was a unique case. I'm relieved that it's not!

I think it's too early for me to say whether or not this has reignited some kind of passion in me; All I know is that right now, today, it feels like there's a sparkler going off in my chest, and that isn't something I've felt in a long time. I want to know how old computers work, how to build them, the names of their parts and what they do, and I want to refurbish and use them.

I'm not even having the "I'm too stupid for it" doubts that I normally have about everything - my main concern is a lack of resources. If this were 1990, I'm assuming I could take a computer science course at my community college, but, uh, I'm a few decades late. >_<;

I'm assuming there are at least a handful of noob resources I could look into. After typing that last paragraph, I remembered that the For Dummies books exist, and checking Wikipedia tells me that the first book was - get this - DOS for Dummies.

Will I feel this way tomorrow or next week? No idea. For now, though, the soup in my mind is simmering. :P We'll see where my heart takes me!

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You're not alone there either! Here's my retrocomputing page, for what it's worth.

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Ohh, I can't wait to look through this more... This makes me want to have my own website again, too Q_Q

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Robotic Gunner

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It's an interesting hobby for sure! I know that feeling, resources being limited to actually explore things about the whole thing. I've just resorted to using emulators for any machines I actually have any interest in, as trying to get a hold of anything real and physical is just mind-breakingly expensive. Oh well, it's still a decent way to explore things in the mean time. Wish you luck on your retro computing endeavors!

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Ugh, seriously. The retro computer market is ridiculous ;_; Your only options are to save a lot of money, or pray you get really lucky at a thrift store or something.
I'm very blessed to have a Windows 98 laptop and a Commodore 64 (neither were acquired by me, lol), so I get to have a little taste of using old machines. :'3

Thank you, by the way!

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