graduation and getting covid

im graduating next week and it feels insane to even consider that i am. i feel so mixed about it, anxious even, but im mostly just so ready to get on with my next phase in life. like i deserve that change of pace okay i really do.

buuut there's one thing — i got covid last week :) 

okay its not so bad if i skip the disorientation, turn of events, incapacitated period, bc i finally got to get some rest (kinda). but i did panic about whether or not id make it to graduation. i mean, just look at the timing — i get covid the week prior, im due to get my toga this week, and im marching on-stage next week. fucking wild folks, its the most dead inside ive been for a while

in other news, this also means moving out halted for a bit. ive already moved a bunch of my stuff to my unit (which is pog) AND and and aaaand i got internet installed! all that's left is for me to get a job and hope i land somewhere... uh... healthy, happy, and stable... i think o=o;;

that being said, its been a while since my last entry. this seemed very fitting, but pardon my writing! still recovering from covid in general even if my symptoms have faded out.

so anxious i cant contain it, but i hope to be more free in the coming days! theres a bunch i need to catch up on in terms of journalling and whatnot •u•


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