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Playing an ancient version of Minecraft, my god it really has become a whole new game over the years.

I'm currently playing through Alpha version 1.1.2_01, and it's an interesting experience.

Getting the obvious differences out of the way, it looked very different. It was a lot brighter, the grass a lot greener, the sky a lot bluer, the gravel and cobblestone a lot uglier.

There's also the matter of there being no hunger bar, food instead healing hearts directly. I kind of prefer it this way, honestly. Wonder if there's a mod for modern versions of the game the re-implement this.

The control layout was also ever so slightly different, the inventory key being I instead of E. It was easy enough to fix though, the key settings being easily accessible in the settings. There was also a dedicated render distance key, allowing you to change your render distance on the fly. Not a very useful feature these days, as a version this ancient can run on literally anything, but it's nice to have anyway.

Biomes are another matter. There are none. It's either green plains, mountains or ocean. Nothing else. It's pretty in its own way, but very bland.

The first thing I did was mark my spawn point, as beds don't exist in this version, so it's a good idea to clearly mark where you'll end up if you die, as well as not venturing too far away from spawn in general.

The first thing I did was break trees. The game may have changed dramatically over the years, but core mechanics are still the same. I made some tools, mined up some nearby cobble, coal, and iron, made a small hut just before night, and stayed there for the night.

It gets very dark in this version, like near impossible to see anything dark. I decided to do some digging for some resources. Found some coal, a tiny bit of iron (Iron seems weirdly common yet elusive in this version), and a cave with lava in it. Useful. No diamonds though, sadly.

I very quickly discovered that tools do not last nearly as long as they do now. You can break a stone pickaxe in less than a minute, and iron tools don't last too much longer.

I decided to wall out a perimeter around my spawn area and then flatten it out. I'm not even halfway done with this project and I have burned through several dozens of stone tools, refusing to use iron because that stuff is weirdly annoying to find.

I then decided to use a lot of the stone I dug up to build a simple mob farm. Just a cobble tower with a big spawn room on top, designed to trap mobs and drop them to their death. Simple stuff, except this version is too old for that particular design to function. I died three times trying to make that thing.

Overall, while it's quite different from even the official 1.0 release, I'm really enjoying this version. Might be my new main one, especially with news of what they're trying to do with the newest update, adding universal online bans restricting you from even LAN play.

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a sweet spot for me in terms of minecraft is right around beta 1.6! or yeah... 1.7. it's just a much simpler and nicer experience! especially with something on in the background, or playing with friends! in alpha too. felt on the tools comment, haha. the same is true for armour... hadnt heard of that last bit though :o they're really trying to do that? i think it's already a thing on the bedrock version of the game...

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Yeah, it's kinda bad. I remember hearing it was pretty bad on bedrock as well, people getting shadow banned or outright banned with zero explanation. The Java update aims to allow players to report people directly to Minecraft or something, revoking their online privileges entirely if they're found guilty. Even worse is that this has been a non issue since servers became popular, most big servers having somewhat competent moderators already as far as I know. And honestly, I do not trust Microsoft to be competent in any regard with this.

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