I MADE A SONG!!...if you wanna join my band, read below...


I MADE A SONG!!! And, it isn't that great but I made a song damnit!! It was more of a demo of a demo, just to try things out. Now that I have a way to put my files together of each instrument I can finally actually make music on my own. I can pull a Trent Reznor and do all of the instruments myself, lol. If you want to hear my horrible song, you don't, I can email it to you. Just IM me your address (the email kind obviously).

Also, if you wanna make music with me, you can. You'd just be recording audio on whatever you have, that can be a phone, then emailing me the file. And I can put it together. If you want to put it together that's fine too.

If you want to be in my band, here's what I'm about:

   The band name is RAiLeD. Edgy, I know. and it's like metal and rock, but sometimes chill stuff too. VERY distorted guitars. I like to make gross songs, to be gross, nothing horrible though. I need a bassist, possibly drummer, lead guitarist, and if you experiment with your instruments like I do, that's great! I will take all kinds of instrumentals though. Like, if you play a trumpet or bongos like in ska, haha. In my band, EVERYONE contributes to lyrics. Everyone has a part to play, being in a band is about togetherness and being friends and stuff too. NO fucking arguments!!! If you wanna be in a cool band, reply or IM me and whatever. but remember what I put here. AND I'll have to get to know you first. Also, it doesn't matter to me if the audio sounds cheap or fucked up. WE ARE TRYING, MAN!!! Trying and getting better is what you do. 

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