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Umbrella academy S3 Ep 1-6 !!MAJOR SPOILERS!!

I'm really liking the season so far! I just finished episode 6? I think? Ep 6 or 7, one of the two. If you have watched past episode 6, please leave the comments spoiler free, thank you!

At first I really liked Alisons story, y'know. a mother who lost everyone and is snapping, I'm all for that,it's giving Wanda in 'Dr. Strange: MoM' vibes. But it all went down hill for me the second she decided to SA Luther, then act like a victim. I really don't like where her character is heading at this point, hopefully it gets better.

Viktor is great, he's just trying to fix what he messed up, and make things okay. I think including the boy from the second season was a really smart move, and when it was reviled that he was the one who killed their moms, I was genuinely shocked. Plus, I love that they transitioned the character with the actor. They could've easily made Elliot Page continue acting as a woman, but they didn't and we have to give Netflix respect for that.

Diagos story line is just amazing, I do think they could've done more with it, like he finds out he has a kid for crying out loud! I am glade they strayed away from the whole "you're my dad and I hate you because you never knew I existed" thing that we see so often. It's a shame to know Stans not his real kid, Like that was a unnecessary plot twist. and Lila is just kind of there most of the time, so far all she has done is help five go to and from the committee (I think that's how you spell it) and tell Diago Stans' not really their kid.

Luther is f*cking great in this season and no i do not take criticism. He is just a Himbo at this point and I love it! Plus the fact that he finally got over Allison (but you know she forces him to make out with her, so that's f*cked up) and has a relationship with Sloane which is just amazing! honestly I think Luther is my favorite this season.

Five is good, I don't think his plot line isn't particularly interesting, he just does the same thing as the last to seasons, aka clean up everyone else's mess, but there hasn't been a really cool scene with him k*lling a bunch of people. So I'm holding out hope for one of those soon. learning that he was in fact the creator of the committee was cool, but I think a lot of people saw that coming. We do get to see Dolores again, and shockingly she speaks Italian!

Klaus was also just kind of there so far, we learn that he's immortal, which immediately reminds me of Misfits, which is a show Robert Sheehan was on where he played a immortal teenager. So that was funny for me at least. We do learn about who the umbrella academy's mothers are thanks to Klaus, and we also get to see more of Reginald thanks to him. Plus he's the reason we learn about, what I'm assuming to be, like our actual problem this season.

Ben is a absolute d*ck head this season and I'm living for it! I think all the sparrow academy was such interesting characters and I don't like how they kind of killed off half of them by Ep 6. I wish they would've shown us more of them before doing so at least. Sloane and Fei are really great and Ben is amazing. Also Chris, just Chris

I love that Grace thinks the ball of lighting (I don't know what it's called and I'm not even going to attempt to spell it) is God. I find it hilarious, and that is all I have to say about Grace so far.

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Have you finished the season yet? I have been wanting to talk about the show but none of my friends watch it >o

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I did! There's another review about the other episodes, i would love to talk about it as well lol

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nice review! in my opinion i didn't like this season as much as the last two because it felt really rushed and allisons arc was really messed up--i felt like she didnt learn a thing throughout the season. i definately prefered her more in season 2!! luther and victor are amazing and i gotta respect them too. i also think that most of the sparrow academy was just to progress the plot. (didnt leave any emotional impact too so). either way i enjoyed the humor of this season so it makes it up!! :D

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Yeah, this season was good but defiantly nowhere near as good as the last two.

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