Designing A Tarot Deck

So, what you may have heard is true- I'm currently in the process of designing a custom Tarot deck featuring Nicolas Comics characters. This may seem like a pretty easy thing, but it actually requires a good eye to detail, and a ton of patience to get every last card as good as it can be. There are 78 of them, after all, and they should all look great by the end. 

The deck I'm going off here is, of course, the iconic Rider-Waite tarot deck, with designs by Pamela Colman Smith, where every card is nearly as iconic as the last. Undertaking this project has given me a new appreciation for the long and storied history of Tarot. It was a pretty big form of entertainment in the early 1900s, when mysticism and occultism were at their peak, and I can only imagine the Rider-Waite deck selling like hotcakes. 

In making these cards, I want to capture all those beautiful landscapes and clouds, as well as the poignant ambiance which is an inherent feature of the cards' composition. I remember growing up, I was always particularly fascinated by the Nine of Swords. It's somber, but it's also comforting in a weird sort of way. I hope I transfer that impression into my redesign. Honestly, I'm not sure if I can do it justice, the image of the melancholic woman leaning forward on her bed, face in her palms is pretty deep, and I could stare at just that card for hours. There's so much going on in it. 

Tarot is, in many ways, the first contemporary card game, and I can see why its success has endured. It's very different from other card games, its design is striking, and it has an aura of enigma surrounding it. While my Nicolas Comics-themed deck may not be as good as the original, I still think it'll be worth the effort. Tarot is a blast!

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