BLOG 06/16/2022

BLOG 06/16/2022

I’m just living, I guess. I wanna go on a road trip. New York. Not the city though. I feel gross. Like, I wanna be someone else. But still myself. I haven’t skated in a while due to the heat. And I still play guitar. I met this guy, I’ll call him Ray. He’s so nice.

He’s my first male friend who doesn’t just wanna bang me. FINALLY. A guy who’s nice. He likes when I talk about the things I love and that’s ‘cause I’m passionate about them. I have a personality, and I too don’t just want to fuck. I like him but we are just friends for now. Maybe we will stay that way. He’s nice to me and listens, gives his honest opinion and advice. He doesn’t make me feel like a stupid girl. He flirts a little sometimes, but it’s more like compliments about me being cute and pretty. He NEVER inserts himself into the boyf section. If I talk about men not treating me right, he doesn’t say, “Well I would definitely treat you right…” He mentions that’s what he’d do, but not specifically to me. He’s got long hair, he plays guitar. He curses like crazy, but so do I. He doesn’t get absolutely pissed at video games. He listens to my musix suggestions, and likes a lot of them. He likes when I give him music. He likes cars and Van Halen. I luv it.

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