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it is what it is.

i guess i'm just gonna stay up tonight to clean a little. this house kinda needs it and then tomorrow is ...nacho fries(?) i don't remember which is why i seriously need a board or something to write shit on. other than that i guess today went ok. got some news from my doctor but it is what it is. skin tag surgery maybe at some point? just needs to set me up with a dermatologist i guess?

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aww okay. well I did do the tub at least sorry about the bleach water I had some trouble trying to get it all to go down :( I mean we can do whatever for dinner if that'd just be easier that'd be okay too. definitely at some point I wanna try fajita fries even if I have to get more stuff from the mexican grocer I do have a little bit of money left. oh I forget if you told me what they said? but yeah really hope they can get that thing removed I hope it's not too serious a proceedure.

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well she said i have to see a dermotologist i guess? but other than that she said its not really a bad thing to super worry about. no you did a good job. i just have issues seeping because of the heat. other than that im ok

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ooh okay yeah I was wondering what was up but hopefully it won't take long to get taken care of. and oh good I was trying to get it as clean as I could it wasn't super hard just hit it with the comet add a little water then run the scrubber thing over it it definitely made it a lot easier. sorry about the heat though wish there was another way to cool it down in there.

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