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I still exist, and now I have an actual computer

A lion talks so much about absolutely nothing here. You have been warned!

     Well hi! It's no secret that I've been pretty quiet around here. It's not for a waning interest in Spacehey, but because instead of one video game occupying all my thoughts, I now have two. That's the first reason. I have honestly been spending more time away from my laptop while I play games. :P

     The second reason is that I've been going through my online driving classes! Seeing as I learned nothing from driver's ed as a teenager and have not once had a pleasant driving experience, I'm focusing hard on them. They're going (very) slowly, but going well.

     The third and final reason is that, after a lot of toiling, hunching over, sweating, and back-aching, I have finally put my computer together. It's alive!

     This is the thing that's taken the most out of me, despite it being a relatively short process. I'd watched a very in-depth and baby beginner-friendly tutorial in full twice, and watched some bits of it on their own a few times, so I was confident going in (even though I was nervous). I put the CPU into my motherboard and nothing exploded - I felt so much relief. I thought "wow, I really can do this!". If only I'd known what God or whoever had in store for me.

     Mr. Tutorial Man hadn't told me that installing the cooler would be a bear. It looked so simple when he did it - he screwed it in without even holding it in place. Meanwhile, my cooler's screws squeaked, clicked, and created so much friction that they let off a smell. I couldn't screw it in the way he did. It took multiple tries to get one screw into its hole, and I had to press the cooler down hard to do so. There was no way for me to know whether or not I was actively damaging anything.

     He also didn't tell me that fans don't always plug into the motherboard, or how to install standoffs, or that there would be wires all over the inside of the case (his looked pristine every step of the way). This might not have been such a big deal if my case's Enclosed Instruction Book had given me any useful direction whatsoever.

And after all of PC didn't turn on. Thank God my friend suggested jump starting the motherboard. If he hadn't, I would have had to sit through at least one 20-minute-long video of some guy telling me all the things I might have done wrong but probably didn't (no, I didn't forget to plug anything in!).

     So now, finally, my computer turns on. Everything is right where it should be, and all of the fans work. <3 I'm not typing this from the new computer - I still need to configure the BIOS and install Windows - but I'm so excited to use my clickety-clackety keyboard and mechanical mouse very soon. <333 My new computer has CD drives as well, and WOW am I ever excited to have those again after so many years. Once my computer turned on, I opened the CD drives up just for the heck of it, and had the dopiest smile on my face. :D

So that's about everything! My activity might be a bit wishy-washy for a while, but I'm still here, just more preoccupied lately than I was anticipating. I have a feeling a lot of weight will be off my shoulders when I complete my driving classes, so expect to see more of me once that happens. >_<

I hope this month has started on a good note for all of you! <3

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