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you just have to

"you just have to"

ive heard that fraise a lot of times in my life.
people always expect you to do something. 
But you have to do it.
why cant i do something i really want to do?
theres always someone who says that I have to do something even if it never affects me.
I just feel like all my life I've been told that I have to
I have to be good sister
I have to be good friend
I have to be good daughter
and a lot of other good things.
what if I don't want to be that.
I don't care about being a good daughter, a good sister, a good person.
I just want to be myself 
I just want to do what I care about
what I want to do
because you always have to and that's the only thing they can tell you
do what you have to do
its not because it's something important
no, we just have to have to have to have have to 
ive heard it 100 million times in my life, that I have to do something I really have to
I mean does it change something for me?
is it going to change something inside of me?
am I really going to become a better person?
if it really would be so important, i would do it
always somebody has an opinion on your life and what you have to do. 
and im sick and tired of it. 
i just wanna peacefully live MY OWN life. 

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