My Metaverse Idea

Since the metaverse seems to be the second wave of the dotcom bubble, it seems to me like there's something that, if done right, could end up really succesful.

In the near-ish future, the metaverse could be a big thing, and, if so, there would be lots of buisnesses trying to cash in on the craze. However, some companies might not be able to afford the equipment required to develop for the metaverse.

Enter my idea. What if we could take a regular desktop computer, and make an OS for it that can easily transfer things between the metaverse and normal computers? If it gained mainsteam usage, a VR headset running said OS could have a much lower level of skill required to develop for said metaverse, meaning that most popular apps & programs would end up on said OS weeks before other competition.

On the other side of the spectrum, there might be people who want to access the content of the metaverse without having to use a VR headset (i.e. for people with motion sickness or the elderly). Using this OS on a desktop would mean that any program designed to work on the metaverse would be easily accesable to them, leading to a higher market base and an even greater reason to develop for the OS.

And just to add to the benefits of making said OS, Microsoft seems to be losing its customer base. Windows 11 has had an atrocious release (almost as bad as Windows 8 and Vista), and many people don't want to switch from Windows 10. There has also been a large spike in popularity for alternatives, as well as people being more privacy-aware. Making a new OS that's both private and better than the compitition would lead to a huge increase in interest.

As far as I know, there seems to be no mainstream acknowledgement for my idea. It would take a  of hard work, don't get me wrong, but I believe that this could be extremely succesful if we play our cards right. If you're interested in making this dream a reality, message me with what you can do, and we can try and make it happen!
(Please keep in mind that I have no buisness experience, nor am I familiar with anything other than Scratch or HTML, so I might be missing something)

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