New York Studio Apartment

I open the door and it just

Doesn't feel how it should
It doesn't feel like our wishes and fantasies
How we'd dream it would be together

Is it because we have no couch?
Or Our rooms may not be decorated?
Maybe because our TV isn't set up.

When I realized I forgotten something
That I wish didn't happen for me to remember
Watching your breathing stop.
Seeing your eyes shut
Hearing your voice fade.

Did you need to go?
So suddenly?
No warning?
We said we'd do this together.

You were never a team player anyway
You'd always forfeit when we played Uno
I always won when you did finish the game.
I thought this would be the game you finished
Since I was on your team this time.

We'll have our New York Studio Apartment
I'll decorate your room in green
Still have the rock you gave me
I'll put that there too.
I won't let anyone in there either

If only you were here to see it.
To sleep in it.
To live.

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that sent me to tears!!!!

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𝕺𝖑𝖎𝖛𝖊𝖗's profile picture

That’s sad when you know the story behind it- I remember you telling me a little abt it and now it hits

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Its cool tho

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