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I'm suuuch a baby X'D

One of my friends is putting together a list of creepypastas that they enjoy. I'm making it my mission to read them, even though I'm a huge baby about any kind of horror. :'D

The first pasta I read was this one. As much as I liked reading it, I didn't think it had much of an impact on me, until I wanted to listen to the "song clip." All the comments on the original thread are people fooling around and saying the song is stuck in their head, just like in the story; but scrolling through them, I was like "oh no, what if someone isn't kidding, no one is saying they're kidding, what if the evil song actually gets stuck in my head and kills me." 9_9 This is coming from the person who, as a kid, was so annoyed at the amount of people saying the Lavender Town theme from Pokemon was creepy and evil.

I had to rationalize it way too hard. Like, I had to assure myself that if this were real, the Reddit thread would be gone without a trace, the video wouldn't still be up, and the author wouldn't still be active (because they'd be dead). I felt a lot better once I actually listened to the clip, but God if I don't feel stupid that I had to calm myself down that much. XD

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