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Art slump, being too hard on myself after not drawing for a bit, et cetera

It's a cycle my friends are all too familiar with. I go a couple of days without drawing; then when I try to draw again, I'm (predictably) a little out of the groove, and feel sad that none of my warm-up doodles look "good." Rarely does a sketch ever get lined and colored. Heck, rarely do I even get past warm-ups and into sketching.

Honestly, for several months now - potentially up to a year or longer - I haven't created the way I like to. I've been repeating this cycle for a long time. It's so discouraging. There's so much I want to draw, but I just can't at the moment.


I know I'll overcome it in time, but I wanted to talk about it in a way that wasn't making my only my friends see these complaints for the billionth time. 9_9

It's gonna take some discipline on my end, which may be what I struggle the most with - but if I've done it before, then I can do it again. >:3

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I believe in you!! Slow n steady wins the race.. if taking it at a slow pace will help you better proceed to a place where you feel you can tackle art with a better perspective you’re more satisfied with, sketch away!! I can imagine though having been in a slump /that/ long must be irritating though =[ hang in there!!

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