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Some people tend to hear what they want to hear regardless of how coherent I think I am. Misinterpretation is rampant in our society.

Our form of communication is quite flawed, ambiguous and enigmatic. I often find myself communicating with people as if my words have been jumbled and filtered. Or like I'm speaking in riddles (sometimes I do intentionally but in that case I don't expect anyone to understand). I understand that miscommunication is inevitable because we all have a different perspective/interpretation on things. We're all in our own little world. However I feel like telepathy would be a much more efficient form of communication. It could be more direct without any filter. You could potentially grasp the true intent of what the person is expressing instead of decoding a chain of words that could be taken out of context and misconstrued.

Let me think of some hypothetical examples just for fun:

Scenario #1

Me: I paid my bill on the 17th, there was $212.00 left on the balance and I paid $72.00.

Other person: $17.00 is below the minimum payment. Your minimum payment is $25.00.

Scenario #2

Me: I saw a UFO a few years ago. It was a wondrous experience.

Other person: I'm sorry that you were abducted by aliens.You must have been so scared.

Scenario #3

Me: It's always good to approach life with an open mind and consider other possibilities. Be kind and non judgemental.

Other person: I know what you're talking about brother. People are such assholes and I hate them all.

Scenario # 4

Me: A moth flew in through my window last night. It was one of those green luna moths.

Other person: No not the green, buy the red can, they have less sodium.

Scenario# 5

Me: I'm working in the catalyst department today. I could drink a whole thermos of coffee and still fall asleep doing that monotonous job.

Other person: What about shaking your tail feather at Lon Chaney? He was the wolfman.

...and so forth

Sometimes I just like to have fun with the language and stretch out my imagination. Give the world a taste of it's own absurdity and spin it right back. The way I figure is people will never understand me 100% regardless of whether I'm speaking conventionally or not anyway. Might as well have fun with it sometimes to keep myself amused.

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