The concept of a soul contract. What occurred before my incarnation?

I heard a friend mention something about a soul contact to me the other day. The concept of a soul, past lives, and reincarnation and so forth is nothing new to me but for whatever reason I haven't thought about that aspect of it too much. I knew about how we tend to stick with soul groups and pick familiar physical characteristics. Even past life trauma can carry over into the next life with various physical and mental scars. We get to pick our life kind of like a choose your own adventure type of story. This seems to resonate with me because if I had a choice to pick a life of creativity via music, art, writing,etc over a socially and romantically fulfilling life I would have done so. In that case it makes sense. However I admit that is definitely a very difficult choice to make. Not everyone has to make that type of choice obviously because some people get both which may not seem fair at first glance. Although we are each at different stages in our development. Ultimately it will make sense upon looking back. Of course this all purely speculative. That being said for all I know I may still have a shot at discovering my soulmate when the time is right. At least I hope so in this lifetime. 

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You need to keep your astral self away from my fiancé and her best friend. Idc what "help" you think you're being and IDC if I get hate for this, I know its you when she showed me whose been visiting her and causing her so much stress lately. Just because you have a gift doesn't mean you get to abuse it and inflict your will on anybody you want. She can't even focus on her job without you popping in and demanding she go with you. Stay tf away from her. And this is me being nice about it

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I must admit I never really believed the concept when I was younger - I thought it too far-fetched and ridiculous! you just think how? but after watching a few programmes about it over the years, and so much information and things tallying up within personal stories, I'm intrigued by it. I may have to youtube a few more stories now...
But for me personally, I don't want to come back here ever again!!!

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I didn't either until about 6-7 years ago when I had my spiritual awakening. Before that I was an atheist but I had a pretty shallow and somewhat cynical view on life. I hated myself and was angry and judgemental of others. That being said It was just a smooth, natural process for me. Some of the YouTube channels that I followed at the time that talked about aliens and other esoteric things kind of delved into that subject. I just went with it, starting reading some books and it made sense to me.

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That was interesting, thank you!

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My pleasure. I'm glad someone else reads these and is interested in what I have to say!

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