Get out of here with that chicken little stuff! "The sky is falling!" Oh stop it!

Why do people give energy to doomsday prophesies? I've lost count of how many fake prophets I've come across. 2012 is the end of the world...oh no wait I mean 2013...or no um 2014. "It's in the bible just read it!" Um no the bible isn't the be all, end all, it was written by people interpreting the will of God not God himself. This is one reason why I am not a christian. Was Jesus real? Was there some truth depicted in the bible? Yes I think so but I will not follow this man-made religion as if it is literally God himself speaking because it is not. Living in fear doesn't resonate with me as something that is the will of God. If enough people believe it you may just manifest it. So don't give it any power. Why not concentrate on positivity and unconditional love? That's what resonates with me as true.

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