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20220410: Late Dreaming

Technically Not April the 10th but I just realised I forgot to publish yesterdays entry so Yes I am still 'on track'. anyways:

i dreamt that i lost my canines in this little fire nation brawl n then i was like oh my god im never getting them back. then i was like. no wait: milk teeth (i have no idea why this made sense to me: i am coming eighteen years of age. i have no more milk teeth. i haven't had milk teeth for years.)

thenĀ  i woke up on a grey couch and m partners brother asked me how i got a bag of teeth n i was like haha those r mine. like a whole plastic bags worth. then i sat up and his mom was there at the sink . looking Very disapproving and i was like oh dear oh my oh boy (context: our parents. not besties. not so cool. also this woman scares the crap out of me.) and then i had breakfast from a purple ikea cup she handed me. i have no recollection of what it tasted like but something tells me it was granola. its giving granola yogurt texture thats all i can say.

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