Being able to observe yourself from multiple perspectives via astral projection, soul splitting or whatever. Theoretically speaking

I often wonder how people might perceive me from their perspective. I've wondered a lot about how the opposite sex views me but it's really more general than that overall. Is it futile to even contemplate such a thing? How I interpret myself versus anyone else can be radically different. Theoretically speaking could one benefit and improve a personality trait if it was possible to gain multiple perspectives of how people, our pets and various animals perceive us? Or would it make us more analytical to the point of obsession? I guess it may become so convoluted to the point of it being impractical. Yet I still can't help but wonder about it. I always try to put myself in other people's shoes in hopes to better understand them and in turn improve myself. Hypothesize why they are that way instead of a critique or judgement. Looking at it from that perspective it might be beneficial. I don't know it's difficult to wrap my mind around the whole concept and I'm not even sure if I'm able to coherently and sufficiently express it with words. A lot of hypothetical questions and floating cognitive hodgepodge.

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You are very good at expressing your words. From my perspective you are highly intelligent - on another level, and lovely person. And I wish you all the best things in life that you deserve.
The love thing may seem long overdue, but all good things are worth waiting for.
You seem such an old soul. In the future I could see you becoming an author, mentor/teacher for those who have lost their way or need guidance. Or maybe you'll just write that song/melody that will elevate you to where you deserve to be.
And yes, it Is the easiest thing in the world to criticise, so being philosophical about why people are the way they are is the way to go. I do that myself.

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That's sweet of you to say that. I appreciate it. Hopefully I can find those things in the not too distant future. I'm working on trying to get some form of guitar instruction together specifically for people with autism or simply those are more receptive to alternative teaching methods. I feel like that is in line with my true purpose.

The love thing has been a very depressing subject for me throughout my entire life. I struggle to remain optimistic based on past experience and sometimes I need some encouragement. Sometimes it's best not to talk about it so I'll leave it at that for now.

I have been told I seem like an old soul to several people. However I met someone fairly recently who thinks I am a young soul but from a place of higher consciousness (her words not mine). I never received confirmation on that after meeting her in person. So after that I'm left with more questions.

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I'm so pleased you you know your purpose in teaching guitar, especially for those with autism, sounds great! (not really up on the condition so more research! Lol

Regarding the love thing, I am sure it will happen in time.. probably when you're least expecting it. It isn't easy finding someone that you're on the same level with - a bond/connection; and even when you do it has its challenges - like everything else I suppose.
Anyway, Chin up, You are Special! :-)

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Thanks again!🙂

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