How much is going on around us that we are incapable of perceiving?

Supposedly we are only capable of detecting a mere 1% of the total light spectrum. Our hearing ability also pales in comparison to dogs (up to 45,000hz) and cats (up to 100,000hz). While we can only hear up to 20,000hz.  Based solely on that we should humble ourselves and be less arrogant. We should trust our animals when they detect something that we don't.
However not to sell ourselves short I think as a species we have amnesia regarding our true history and our extrasensory abilities lie mostly dormant. Was this done intentionally by the powers that be or did we just forget while being distracted by our fancy gadgetry and gizmos? Perhaps a bit of both. There are still traces of these abilities that show up sporadically for me while they are more prominent in others. It seems to be rare but it's sparsely scattered about the population.
Today I was pondering about how there are multiple layers to reality beyond our superficial perception. We have our intuition to guide us and synchronicities from the collective. Also we have our imagination and our dreams which can act as a portal to the higher consciousness. I think it's important that we embrace a less materialistic 3 dimensional view of reality. As a whole we have so much potential.

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You blog resonates with me and i read it a few times because I wanted to fully absorb your thoughts. I feel that with the rise of "technology" we as a species are losing our ablitiy to connect to reality and honestly I think any one who uses any of it should be mindful and cleans there selves. All this tech is not natural, this was not supposed to be they way it is. we were one with Earth once and the more we Kill her the more we kill ourselves.

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I'm happy that it resonated with you! Interesting synchronicity that I was just talking about the Native Americans and how they stress the importance of maintaining a connection and a respect with nature. Something that many of us have lost touch with. When I'm out in nature, especially in this one spot that I refer to as the mineral springs I feel a distinct energetic vibe. It's something that is intangible but it's unlike anywhere else. There's a plethora of rocks and quartz crystal throughout the area. Everything is alive, the rocks, the trees, the stream, etc. I even bring my guitar and it effects the way that I play. I feel it gives me enhanced abilities and a feeling of rejuvenation in a way. I plan on going there today, I could use that kind of holistic healing.

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