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oversharing or not sharing enough

sometimes i think that im oversharing. with everything. talking too much about myself. 

or about things. i see small details in like everything. istg its true. maybe because i dont have anything more interesting in my life than just watching people. not in a creepy way. just in interesting way. im interested in small, not important, details that people do. because almost nobody does the same thing. everyone is different at this point. and i never get used to something. 
and i love to talk FOR HOURS about some small things that maybe no one saw except me. 
is that some kind of oversharing?
but then at the same point i think that nobody knows about my life much. 
like i dont like to tell people what i had on breakfast or some shit like that. 
they all know my thought on something or what i think of that or that. 
but they know nothing about my life. 
my relationships with anyone. 
i just cant trust. 
i have awesome friends. 
i know them for like 6 years. 
and i also know that they would never tell anybody or judge me. 
but i cant 
i have no strength in me. 
yk to just sit down and tell anything. 
fucking anything. 
i just cant trust.
i know that if im going to do it then im going to be so anxious all the time after. 
and i know its not ok. 
and its never going to be. 
but thats me ig. 
maybe, someday, i will have a person im going to trust everything. 
every time i trusted i became so blind. 
even if huge red flags where just in front of me.

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