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Vol 4.

She doesn’t love me.

Or atlease it doesn’t feel like she does love me.
The things she says , the things she does and do. It upsets me and i express that quite greatly but yet still no response, no remorse , no empathy. 
She says she loves me.
But yet why do we fight almost everyday about the same thing that she knows bothers me most , i can’t help it. 
Being OCD and being with someone whom isn’t is actually quite fucking hard. 
It hurts me like mentally and physically ya know ? 
 it at the same time . i do love or at lease i know for a fact i do care for her and have a deep involvement with this woman. 
She’s left. Twice .
Came back both times telling me i was right and yet she would try to make a change and she can’t understand why she keeps doing but so of course me . My hopeless hopeless romantic self tries to give her chance after chance.
Because with her , i did build everything , she was there when i didn’t love myself and what not . 
But it’s like now that , that seasons over is she over me? and i can’t admit that to myself ? 
or maybe i’m overreacting and just stressed about everything that’s going on around me once again.
But like my head in on a constant roller coaster recently so i literally don’t know what’s right between wrong. 
I’m just expressing my feelings. Is that wrong ?
what do i do.

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