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louis wain

probably one of my favorite artists ive recently discovered, hes from london and was born in 1860,but only started making these anthro cats during the victorian era so could he be considered the first furry....???? much to think about...

this is a pretty good example of the stuff he made,and here is some of my favorite things from him

as he got older,his mental health declined and he had to be admitted to mental hospitals.some people believed he had schizophrenia,& u can see where he is mentally in his later works

i just thought this artist was interesting and i love cats,so i decided to make this blog post : D

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I love these

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♡ VerliefdeAC ♡

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I adore this artist! His work was very interesting to look and think about, especially when it come to mental issues. It just sad to know how bad his life got because of it.

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