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Where do I want to go?

Where Do I Want To Go?

This is a section that I've basically left blank on my page since I made because it's a serious question. I'd like to travel the world, see the northern lights, do the mini docu-series in Slab City, walk the ice bridge from Alaska to Russia, there's just so many places I'd like to see. To be honest I probably would've made it to some of those if I never met my wife, but that's okay. I'm waiting for my son to grow older and we can go on those adventures together. 

If I could really go anywhere though it'd be the graves of friends and family. This year I'm going to Missouri to see my dad's grave for the first time. He passed in 2005, but every time we go to Missouri there's always sone bs reason why we can't see it, NOT this year. Eventually I'd make my way to Florida and California to see a few friends grave as well. Eventually I'll leave Illinois for good, maybe even move out of the US. I don't know where I'll go, but bat least it won't be here. 

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