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My Mind is Vomiting 4

 i don't even know myself anymore
   looking at old photos
    who is this i say
      i don't even remember who i was anymore
       although i have no idea who i am
        i feel like a lost soul trapped in this body

         what about these invisible weights?
           who put these on my shoulders and why is it getting heavier and heavier day by day 
            i don't even feel like i can walk anymore
              i don't even think i can stand anymore
                i am just so tired

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Such weight to this one. I've re-read it many times, trying to get inside the haunting. It's that feeling when some thing reminds you of something and you're unsure if what it reminds you of ever really existed, because you cannot remember it.....but you keep trying. Bravo.

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William, thank you again for your sincere words. I am really glad that my voice reached you :) I am really grateful..

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