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My Mind is Vomiting 3

 i can't destroy the black hole formed in the middle of my chest
  while i slowly disappear
   all these deceased eyes watching me
     i know i have to do something
      otherwise eventually this black hole will destroy me

      huge deceased eyes watching me
     as i dance alone in this endlessness 
    if i close my eyes even for a moment
   i know that i will vanish completely

   huge unhollow eyes watching me
    as this black hole gets bigger and bigger
     how do i close my eyes

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Ares, I've read all the works you've shared and your communication skills, with tight formating....and the voice! You are very, very talented, Poet. The shadow space is a tough one to wander, I'm sure. Breaks the heart when so honestly shared. I was going to write I have no words....but apparently that's not the case. I'm very pleased you contacted me and drew attention to this. Be well.

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William, thank you so much for your beautiful words. As English is my second language I try my best to express myself; I am glad that you enjoyed. Take care,

by Ares; ; Report

Really? Second language? Never would have known from this. May i ask what's your first?

by William; ; Report

I have been told that even when I write dark I leave space for light to come in. I am searching for even a light crack here for a faint beam of light and hoping it is there and just unseen at the moment. But yes, very tight writing here.

by Mike Carson; ; Report

I am Turkish so my first language is Turkish (very opposite of English). I try very hard to bring light to my daily life so I let every bit of darknes, be itself in my writings; so I can balance it :)

by Ares; ; Report

Turkish is a stretch away. Again, your English is very good. I understand Mike's search for light in his work, and a good writer he is, in the comment above. I am with you working out the dark side in writing. Better it go on the page than elsewhere. Write what you like, when you like and how you like. I look forward to more postings.

by William; ; Report

Thank you ^-^ I really appreciate every critic and opinion to improve my skills

by Ares; ; Report