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i'm TIRED of social media "influencers"

this probably may or may not come as a surprise 2 anyone, but i am FUCKING TIRED of social media "influencers." yes, i used quotation marks bc they rlly don't influence anything @ all. all they do is get into drama and scandals, come after marginalized groups by making fun of them, get plastic surgery and deceive their followings by saying that they haven't done so otherwise, photoshop their pictures and/or videos on their social media, and even have allegations made against them 4 things they did 2 minors and/or yung adults. it's sickening!

i don't have 2 name any names bc i'm sure many of u can think of those ppl just off the top of ur heads.

i'm not saying all influencers r bad, there r many that rarely ever get in2 any drama and/or scandals and actually make amazing content and actually do influence shit, but in general, the influencer world is pretty garbage and toxic.

what happened 2 the times where social media was barely a thing and all we had @ those times were myspace, youtube in its early days, and messaging platforms (i.e. msn, aim, icq, yahoo!), and social media influencers and celebrities were barely even a thing!? WHERE IS IT NOW!?

all we c nowadays r ppl getting recognition 4 ridiculous things, tiktokers w/ the most followers stealing shit from smaller tiktokers and claiming it as their own and becoming famous 4 stupid shit, influencers on social media in general getting into drama and scandals, as well as getting endorsements that they do not even deserve @ all, many photoshopped pics on instagram, influencers joining onlyfans, and just all this internet nonsense!!


but yea, that's my opinion on social media "influencers." i don't even want 2 call them influencers @ all anymore bc they don't influence shit @ all and all they do is get in2 scandals and drama. it happens every 5 secs or more. it's tiring!!

hopefully we don't c this continuing as much in the future, and that they, as well as their brands that they built from nothing, get boycotted and deplatformed, bc we're all done w/ them.

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ੈ✩‧₊˚ tutu

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i been saying this shit!! "influencers" & short-form content is bs and has honestly ruined the minds/lifestyles of sooo many kids and teenagers and their expectations (not to mention how majority of said content influences the idea that having intimate relationships is a norm, even at their young age).

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maryam gueye

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luvs it!!

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Whether we like it or not, influencers have constantly entered our society by creating fashion. I myself used the marketing services of such influencers and due to their unprofessionalism, this advertisement did not sew my company for good. All because I didn't know what a proper contract should look like. Now thanks to this post I know what such a contract with an infuenser should look like:

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wow. i didn't know that. how interesting!

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Agreed, plus these social media "influencers" are fake and hollow people who lack any depth.

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literally. i feel like we're hearing a lot less abt these "influencers" a lot less now, or maybe that's just me bc i don't watch these fucking drama channels on youtube, and i'm not on instagram or twitter.

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Miss Cunt

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I fucking hate them and their fake façades. They lack depth and the worst part is people are generally so dumb that they eat that shit up

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same. the irony is that back in the 2000s, ppl were complaining that celebrities/celebutante like britney spears, paris hilton, nicole richie, lindsay lohan, and heidi montag being dumb and superficial and causing public "outrage" 4 attention and media coverage.

nowadays we c these "influencers" doing the same thing, and i don't even think they're acting dumb @ all, they're doing it 2 get ppl 2 pay attention 2 them and keep them relevant. the kardashians r literally a perfect example of this.

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totally agree with your post!
that's why I'm using this site: because it's just a simple place to message and connect with friends and none of the fakeness and flexing
I think the people these influencers benefit from are starting to wake up-- or maybe I'm too hopeful. but I think in the past 2 years with people being stuck with little to do but go online people are getting tired of the emptiness of it all and how bad it makes them feel about themselves and I've seen more and more people take social media breaks and then try to use it less and less.
so maybe someday soon we'll get to the point where no one supports these influencers anymore and they wont be able to persist
I hope so

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i agree. we even c these "influencers" @ celebrity events, like award shows, movie premieres, the met gala, and even on magazine covers like vogue, harper's bazaar, glamour, and vanity fair. it's insane and we're tired.

hopefully when time flies, these ppl will b irrelevant and not talked abt as much anymore, and i also hope modern social media DIES.

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yes! death to modern social media!!

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everything is false, xd scandals and showing off their "life" which is possibly fucking Photoshop or that it is in people's houses with money and they don't have and nobody cares about their life and they are showing off That we will never have that money, they are something stupid and unnecessary

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i agree. not many ppl have the same privileges these so-called "influencers" have. maybe if we were 2 not pay attention 2 these influencers @ all going in2 2022, they'd become irrelevant and we'll b up in arms.

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harls! ✩

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THANK YOU!! i'm glad i'm not alone in this! before 'influencers' people were celebrities because of real reasons, like musical or acting skills. nowadays people are becoming famous over nothing. it feels ridiculous. i have 6k tiktok followers because i cosplay, and people are like "omg you're famous!!" like... no? i just post cosplay and i'm lucky to have a lot of people who enjoy it. normalise people just having fun on social media without being celebrities. if i were to be 'famous', i want it to be for my music or photography, something actually worth being famous about

social media has become such a toxic competition, it sucks. followers are a popularity score, they're not your friends anymore. why can't people follow back? i follow you because i wanna be friends, y'know?

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even b4 the "influencer" era that we're still living in, there were celebrities that became famous w/o a traditional entertainment career, and were famous 4 being famous.

sum names that might come 2 mind r the hilton sisters, the gastineau sisters, the kardashians, nicole richie, casey johnson (rip), samantha ronson, brooke hogan, kimberly stewart, kelly osbourne, bijou phillips, etc., and even actual stars that were more known 4 partying, like lindsay lohan, tara reid, mischa barton, and others.

literally anybody can get famous from a single post on any modern social platform these days, and it's been like this 4 the past decade now.

but back in the day, it was so different. back then, there was reality tv (i.e. flavor of love, jersey shore, the hills, the girls next door, bad girls club, laguna beach, etc.) and myspace (i.e. tila tequila, jeffree star, lily allen, nicki minaj, 3oh!3, kesha, etc.). ppl w/o any traditional entertainment careers during those times would either get recognition from reality tv and myspace.

but i agree, social media these days is toxic af, it's all abt who has the most followers these days. i have 1000+ friends on here, but it's bc i actually wanna communic8 w those ppl and i think their profile layouts r fun.

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Honestly... all these crappy """influencers""" make me jump off a cliff fr. Before, people were at the very least famous for something. Whether they could sing, dance, act, or whatever. People had to have talent to be famous, even if that talent was just being good with their words. Nowadays, all you have to do it be hot and rich enough to afford a good outfit and boom! You're tiktok famous cus you did lipsynced to a popular song. :/

Like, what exactly did Charli D'Amelio do to become so famous? Because the Renegade dance isn't that difficult, but it made her insanely famous. She didn't do anything different or special, nothing about her fashion sense or dancing was unique or particularly interesting... It's a damn shame honestly. And all it's teaching kids nowadays is that talentless hot people go places.

When I was a kid, me and all my friends would practice singing and playing piano so we could be songwriters like Taylor Swift when we grew up. Nowadays, kids are practicing TikTok dances so they can be TikTok famous for a couple months before they cancelled.

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even b4 tiktok and instagram were born, there were celebrities that benefited from neoptism and were all socialites (i.e. the hilton sisters, the kardashians, nicole richie, casey johnson (rip), samantha ronson, kimberly stewart, kelly osbourne, etc.), and even actresses that were more known 4 partying (i.e. mischa barton, lindsay lohan, and tara reid).

there were also internet celebrities during the og myspace days (i.e. tila tequila and jeffree star).

but yea, i'm sick of internet celebrities and influencers. i wish tiktok and instagram were dead by now.

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at least back then, every1 trashed on the reality tv show celebs...
Now, people try and act like TikTok and Instagram stars actually have any talent or deserve the recognition they get for being hot n rich. I don't think I knew any1 back in 2010 who actually liked the Kardashians, so why do we keep making more of them??

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but yea, tiktok and instagram r nothing but filtered photoshopped pieces of plastic, much like the kardashians. but yea, kuwtk has finally ended, yet the karTRASHians will remain where they still stand. i'm sick of ppl like the kardashians and social media "influencers."

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Elohimless 🤘🇵🇷

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We did have some social media "influencers" (back in the days of OG MySpace) and one of them was called Tila Tequila - remember her?

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yea, i am familiar w/ tila tequila. she was pretty popular in the mid-late 2000s, but look where she is now smh. she's a religious, homophobic, toxic, and racist person, despite the fact that she is part of a marginalized group. i mean, she has been thru a lot of trauma since her mtv days and the passing of her fiancée @ the time, casey johnson, in early 2010, but that doesn't excuse any of her racist and awful behavior in recent yrs in any way.

we also had jeffree star during the og myspace days in the mid-late 2000s, but even during his myspace days, he was a racist, toxix, and awful person that he still continues 2 b now.

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Yeah, Tila went off the deep end . . .I never knew about Jeffery Stars overrated lame a** until like last year (Idk why people like him?)

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