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the 2010s were an AWFUL time 4 fashion

unpopular opinion: the 2010s were an AWFUL time 4 fashion and beauty. I SAID WHAT I SAID!!

so, recently, i have watched this video:

and it made me think "WOW! THOSE R WHAT HAVE BEEN THE NORM 4 SO LONG!?"

as an 18 y/o who grew up in the late 2000s and 2010s, i wasn't all that interested in fashion back then, but 4 the past year or two, i have taken the time 2 do sum research and watch videos, and honestly, i can say that the 2010s in general were just hideous.

in the early and mid-2010s, the fashion industry, and society in general, were still reeling from the great recession that began in the late 2000s. many fashion trends that were popular during the pre-recession times (early-mid 2000s), such as monogrammed clothing and handbags, were now considered as inappropriate and tacky. high fashion brand items were no longer seen as enviable or as status symbols, but distasteful and became an indication that u were part of the 1% that continued 2 profit while others were struggling.

during the post-recession era, the idea of frugality inadvertently wounded up supporting the rise of fast fashion, thus resulting in fast fashion brands such as fashion nova, pretty little thing, forever 21, h&m, zara, american apparel, urban outfitters, and other fast fashion retailers flourishing in popularity and sales. this also resulted in trends being pushed out faster and faster, therefore oversaturating the market and making ppl yearn 4 what was considered as "the next hot thing" sooner and sooner.

and i think that right there, is what the problem was with 2010s fashion. fashion trends of the time were way rooted in capitalism, thus resulting in a bunch of cheap, low-quality fast fashion retailer knockoffs. many fashion brands in general (whether it be sustainable fashion, fast fashion, or high fashion) relied HEAVILY on social media, specifically tumblr, instagram, and pinterest, to promote their products (just look @ instagram now, they have their own shop, like wtf!?), which also left less of an emphasis on experimentation and/or uniqueness, and trends such as grunge, hipsters, and lolita became popular via social media and fell 2 capitalism. 

in the early 2000s, as well as the decades that predeceased it, social media was barely even a thing. many fashion brands did not rely on social media @ all 2 be marketed and sold out. all we had in the mid-late 2000s r myspace, twitter in its early days, messaging platforms (i.e. aim, icq, msn, yahoo!), facebook, and youtube in its early days. but now as society transitioned in the 2010s, social media and communicating virtually has changed DRASTICALLY. we now have twitter, youtube, instagram, snapchat, and tiktok. it's awful!

in my opinion, the 2000s had its OWN unique look, even if there are any fashion moments that u probably thought were heinous (i.e. dresses over jeans, uggs, denim and micro miniskirts, u name it). but that's what i love abt fashion trends of the 2000s. the 2010s, however, looking back, were so heavily influenced by trends of the past, specifically the 1980s and 1990s, that the overall look of the decade was watered down and nearly unidentifiable.

if u R a fan of 2010s fashion trends, plz DON'T take any offense 2 this. u r NOT being attacked in any way, this is my own opinion, and i am interested in hearing ur own opinions. we all have our own biases, and i respect all of them when it comes 2 pop culture. u also don't have 2 throw out ALL of the clothes u own rn, and u will always have the ability 2 wear whatever u desire, but just PLZ understand that that might mean that ur outfit might not be considered as "fashionable" or "trendy" atm, and if no one compliments ur outfit, do NOT feel offended in any way. it's also kinda inevitable. take a look @ any generation and how they adapt 2 changing trends, some will b ahead of the curve, and others probably won't. if someone in 2014/2015 or earlier were wearing a denim miniskirt over jeans with ugg boots and high rise socks, would u have called it fashionable @ that time? probably not.

it's also important 2 note that like everything in life, fashion is also a cycle, and it's not surprising that what was considered cute once, will NOT be considered as cute later, and the fashion trends of the 2010s r what r not considered cute right now.

let the 2020s become a decade where the overall aesthetic is identifiable, creative, fun, iconic, whatever. 2000s-inspired fashion is making a hella comeback, and probably will b in the following years 2 come. we should also show our support 4 sustainable and independent fashion brands.

i hope u guys enjoyed this lil' rant, and i am interested in hearing ur own opinions. i hope 2 make more new friends, blog posts, and bulletins here. thank u! i luv u sm!

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Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave. (Totally agree w/you btw)

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ੈ✩‧₊˚ tutu

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ily for this, 2010s was one of the worst eras for fashion tbh. also this entry is so well-written omg.

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omg i totally agree! also love this entry

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honestly i can relate so much, i remember when i was younger watching disney channel etc and thinking their outfits were so cool and fresh back then but a bit random, now i look at them and they're really questionable hehe it was just a mishmash of everything

i truly think fashion had its peak during the 90s and early 2000s (at least in terms of couture because i don't know much about this oops forgive me, maybe it was just immensely popularised then just as current fast fashion is now but in a different way), and i want to say it's been on a slight decline ever since? this could just be bias because my mum studied fashion design in italy during the 90s and the things she has from then i really admire, like her sketchbook or images of runway shows she attended, it's really cool!!!!

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I would say Late 2010s and 2020s (So far) is even worse.

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honestly mainstream 20s fashion is decent but I love how alt subcultures r on the rise again when they were kinda... stigmatized(?) in the 10s

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I agree with your post, plus I also hate the boring, bland minimalism trend that has plagued almost every logo you see nowadays. The 2000s were truly the best decade for everything (including fashion) due to the uniqueness of it and all the various subcultures that were around.

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thank u!! words cannot describe how much i fucking h8 minimalism. it ruins everything. plus, i h8 how these "woke" mobs r ruining iconic fashion brands and forcing them 2 promote obesity disguised as "body positivity."

these ppl need 2 realize that the fashion industry is trying 2 make money, and that clothing companies only tailor their clothing 2 go up a certain size. if a certain brand doesn't c8er 2 ur desired size, then don't shop @ that brand.

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wowowowowowow ur honesly right but yeah 00s and 10s was still cool btw good job on all this writing :)))))

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thank u, i'm actually looking back on this post and realizing that the 2010s, in a way, did have its own distinct style.

early 2010s fashion took inspiration from 1950s rockabilly and pin-up styles, as well as 1980s flashiness and excess. the fashion of the mid-late 2010s took their inspiration from trends of the 1990s, as seen w the rise of soft grunge and minimalism.

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I'm pretty neutral about 2010s fashion haha there wasn't anything I was particularly tempted to buy. It was disappointing when the colors/glam/bling was suddenly toned down so much. I'll always dig the over-the-top look of the 2000s which took inspiration from the 80s. The funny thing is that fashion trends tend to cycle every 15 ish years so who knows by the time it's 2025 or 2030 if 10s fashion is gonna be back in style again in the form of yoga pants, the exaggerated influencer look, manbuns and ombre hair. I do gotta say I don't dig the current fashion/makeup trends though with the winged eyeliner that make the eyes look horizontally long, the blush over the nose and fake freckles and faux full lips. I also hate the cropped stuff and baby tees that is currently fashion (no hate for ppl who like that stuff, it just ain't flattering on me). Anyone relate?

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i don't even wanna think abt 2010s trends coming back in the following decade. i mean, i'll b in my 30s, so idk if i should feel nostalgic abt it or if i should continue 2 grieve it. like, i did grow up in the 2010s, but it wasn't a rlly gr8 time 4 me 2 grow up bc i went thru a lot during that time.

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I get you lol. The 2010s was not a very good time for me either

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L Boogie Jr.

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I’m with u on this

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gr8. i'm glad i'm not the only 1 who has, um, thoughts, on fashion trends of the early-mid-2010s.

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i dont mind 2010's fashion, it's just bland compared to everything before it

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i agree. fashion was a lot less influenced by social media in the 2000s (obvi bc social media wasn't as prevalent as it is now) compared 2 how it is now.

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idk i luv that kind of fashion !! especially scene and emo thingz :P

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it's totally fine by me if u like 2010s fashion. i just don't like it bc many trends from that time were just copy-pastes of other trends from the past, and they were so unoriginal.

by addy allure; ; Report

yeahh i can totally see that XD nothing waz very original at the time but i luv how so many ppl found wayz to make it unique :3

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well, definitely the 2010s had their 90s inspired fashion, now it's time for the 2000s o.o

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definitely will be nostalgic for me, given i mostly grew up in the 2000s o.o

by xX.n0rdic.n0cturnal.Xx; ; Report

yea, i can't w8 2 c what trends will b coming back, even if those certain trends r still considered "tacky" or sumthing along those lines.

by addy allure; ; Report


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Something I hate about 2010's fashion that's still a problem today is cheaply printed on decals and patterns. Remember when patterns were stitched in clothes? Or when pillows had to woven a certain way to have a certain pattern? And now all the pillows and clothes I see are printed with this cheap plastic that rubs off after a couple months. Or worse!! Are made out of plastic and have patterns printed on with ink that bleeds and looks terrible.

When I was a kid, if a pattern or logo was printed on, it was done in a thick rubbery material :/ Not this cheap looking and feeling plastic-y stuff that looks like trash and falls off after one wash.

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yea. i also h8 2010s fashion trends 4 that as well.

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