tryna figure this shit out smh + first ever blog entry

so i've been on spacehey 4 the past 2 months now, it's still in its beta phase, and i STILL dk how 2 customize my profile, i just made my first bulletin, and now i'm making my first ever blog entry smh...

when i was a child, social networking platforms like myspace, aim, icq, msn, yahoo, geocities, hi5, and livejournal were all the rage. so, i missed out on all that. now we r in the day and age of twitter, instagram, snapchat, facebook, squarespace, youtube, tumblr, discord, and tiktok, unfortunately.

i think maybe that i've been on twitter, snapchat, instagram, and youtube 4 so long (i don't have tiktok, don't crucify me), i'm more used to the like/dislike buttons and live type formatting.

if anyone who had myspace or anything similar back in the day, how long did it take u 2 figure all this coding stuff out? r u still familiar w/ it?

thanks 4 listening me rant n' rave, hopefully i will b familiar w/ this myspace-esque shit, and i hope 2 interact w/ other ppl and post more blog entries and bulletins.

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Since this blog is old, you probably know now.
I remember all of those and I had a MySpace in the early days, and a Friendster. lol. At first, MySpace page design was all about copying and pasting code you liked, there was even a website that had nothing but profile designs you could use. But after a while you can start creating your own after getting familiar with the code. The thing I’m missing from MySpace is the photo album, but I guess we have Instagram now. The thing I don’t miss, about MySpace is the sudden music automatically playing on someone’s profile when visiting it.

Also besides LiveJournal, there was DeadJournal, the gothic version. That was fun and apparently it’s still around and so is my DeadJournsl, last posted in 2012.

Ok, now that I throughly aged myself. :)

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oh if youre still struggling with the code just steal directly from the css of the base site using inspect! i personally didnt have too many issues doing the code, since i came here from Myspace93, although i cant say the same for everyone unfortunately :(

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oh, this blog post was written back in april, when i was still kinda a newbie on spacehey (i joined back in february), and was trying 2 figure out how 2 cre8 a custom profile layout.

i have my custom layout now, and i'm still trying 2 know my way around here since i've never had myspace when it was popular back in the day.

but yea, i'm doing alright, i'm having fun, and i can't w8 2 c what spacehey has in store 4 the future.

fun fact: i did cre8 a myspace93 account b4 it got kicked 2 the curb, but it seemed so limited (u could only write a certain # of blog posts, u could only send a certain # of messages, etc.), so i didn't rlly use it as much.

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fair, and same ig
glad to hear ur doing well tho!

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this website is hella early anyone can blow up like right now

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yea it is. hopefully more new features and improvements come in the future. we'll c.

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